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Frankie Young

Frankie Young

Frankie Young

Design Director, Dotdash

Born in East Germany, Frankie has lived, travelled and worked in London, Buenos Aires, Cologne, and Berlin. For the past decade, she's been based in Brisbane, Australia. Her career has followed a non-linear path with one common thread - a desire to learn more about design in all its forms - and its impact on our interaction with each other and our environment. As a strategic brand designer, Frankie delivered visual identities, brand experience, editorial, digital, film and video campaigns, strategies and products. As a design teacher and mentor, she inspired young designers to approach design with empathy, curiosity, and consideration for the diverse human experience. Wayfinding is an inevitable progression in Frankie's career. The discipline brings together her passion for user-centred design and perfectly combines her love for built form, art and typography. As a design director, Frankie's work in wayfinding investigates the communication of user experience research, and urban and environmental context to develop wayfinding and signage, placemaking and branding. Frankie designs communication strategies, information graphics and digital interfaces, signage, editorial and print. As a host of Ladies Wine Design's Brisbane chapter Frankie fosters strong connections in the creative community to help the next generation of empowered female leaders to thrive.

Career & Background

What inspired you to do what you are doing now?

Wayfinding was an almost inevitable progression in my career. At the intersection of graphic design and digital user experience in the tangible realm, it perfectly combines my love for built form, art and typography.

What was your journey and where are you headed in your career right now?

From working in customer-facing roles in international luxury hotels to revenue management to running my own studio and teaching design – my career pathway is rich with human-centred experiences. 

As a designer, I’ve worked with Art & Design studios and Brand Agencies to deliver brand, editorial, digital, film and video campaigns, strategies and products.

I recently joined Dotdash as Design Director. 

Your favourite food for thought


There’s a mix of trusted go-to’s and new reads on my desk right now.

  • Kevin Finn: Brand Principles. How to be a 21st Century brand
  • Mueller Brockman: Grid Systems in Graphic Design
  • Dan B Nelken: A Self-Help Guide for Copywriters
  • Allan Wheeler, Debbie Millman: Designing Brand Identity

Podcasts / Thought Leaders

It’s a long and eclectic list – let’s talk about it.

What drives and inspires you

What are your core values?

  • Persistence
  • Empathy
  • Transparency

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Paula Scher and Despina Macris. These strong, intelligent and passionate women created a legacy while actively practising their craft and setting design industry benchmarks.

You as a Mentor

Why have you decided to become a mentor?

I believe in giving back. I’ve been fortunate to connect with humans who recognised my passion and desire to learn and grow. They were incredibly generous with their advice and guidance and helped me navigate my winding career path.

What are the top 5 skills or qualities you bring to mentoring?

  • Empathic
  • Great listener
  • Collaborative
  • Passionate
  • Willing to be vulnerable

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