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Zoe Fisher

Zoe Fisher

Zoe Fisher

General Manager, WebSavvy

Zoe is an energetic and experienced professional with career achievements in management across operations, marketing, and sales environments. Having worked across corporate, private equity and small business environments, she uses her knowledge and understanding of business requirements to manage stakeholder expectations and deliver on key outcomes. She is currently GM at WebSavvy - a digital marketing agency aimed at demystifying digital.

Career & Background

What inspired you to do what you are doing now?

I was looking for a rewarding role that would also support my family and work life balance needs. I wanted to be part of a business that valued the team (not just treating them as numbers!)

What was your journey and where are you headed in your career right now?

I have a background in corporate, working in operations for telco and data companies. I’m currently working as GM for a small digital agency and have learnt so much about the challenges and differences with running a small business compared to larger businesses.

Your favourite food for thought


Not necessarily at a cross roads, but these are great for everyone:

High Performance Habits – Brendon Burchard
Radical Candor – Kim Scott
5 dysfunctions of a team – Patrick Lencioni


What drives and inspires you

What are your core values?

  • Achievement
  • Loyalty
  • Optimism

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

I seek inspiration and learn from everyone around me. Being the youngest of 4 children I’ve been able to watch and learn from all of them.
I believe everyone has something to offer, even if you don’t agree with their opinion, there will be something that they teach you (knowingly or not!) that will help you now or in the future.

You as a Mentor

What are the top 5 skills or qualities you bring to mentoring?

  • Confident
  • Direct
  • Optimistic
  • Present
  • Resilient

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