Why did we start Assisterhood?

Assisterhood was born after Brisbane agency Publicis Worldwide noticed a gap in the industry. It seemed there were plenty of courses, initiatives and pathways out there for aspiring advertising professionals, but none specifically for young women.

Brisbane needed a way for aspiring female professionals to navigate the early stages of their advertising career. With over half of their leadership team being female, Publicis Worldwide was in the perfect position to create the Assisterhood.

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, the launch of Assisterhood saw Publicis Worldwide’s female MD, GM, Digital Director, Head of Broadcast and Senior Copywriter become the program’s first mentors.

How do we mentor?

Alex and Twiggy

Everyone learns differently. That’s why each Assisterhood mentorship is tailored to suit each individual’s needs. Assisterhood provides mentors with a guideline of topics, questions, and timings, but it’s all flexible. It’s up to both parties to find what works for them.

Assisterhood mentors provide their emails, phone numbers, and social channels, so organising meetups is as easy as possible. Fostering these relationships means things are kept as organic as possible.

Mentors go above and beyond what’s expected in a traditional mentorship. Throughout the year, mentees might be able to experience ‘a day in the life’ of their mentor, find a job, or even just have someone to talk to. It’s important to give these young women the tools they need to build confidence and achieve their goals.

Even after the mentorship ‘finishes’, it doesn’t truly end. Mentors are encouraged to keep in touch and check in on mentees days, months, or years down the track.

What is Assisterhood?

The Assisters

Assisterhood is an industry-wide program that links young women in advertising with mentoring, experience, and education. Spearheading the program is Publicis Worldwide, a leading Queensland agency with many of its leadership positions filled by women.

The mentorship program aims to address the gender imbalance in the Australian creative and advertising industries. On offer are coveted mentorships from some of the most talented and experienced women. Not only do those selected for a mentorship make valuable connections, they also gain an insight into the industry and what it takes to succeed.