Our Champions

Playground XYZ

Attention Measurement and Optimisation Company

We’re so excited that Playground xyz is joining the Assisterhood hype train for the first time this year as a Champion Sponsor!

Not only are they passionate about mentors in the industry, Playground XYZ is on a mission to master the art and science of maximising consumer attention. They’ve built the world’s first technology stack that integrates visual attention measurement, analytics and media optimisation called the Attention Intelligence Platform.

Headquartered in Australia, Playground xyz has offices in Singapore, the UK and the USA. We’re so excited to have them on board!

Check out more of their amazing work and careers below.


Research and Insights Platform

Meet QLD-born success story and our second Champion Sponsor of Assisterhood, Askable Australia! 

Askable have been proudly supporting us since 2021 – we’ve even managed to snag Ash, who’s their Head of Product, as one of our mentors! We’re blessed to have them on board year after year.

A research and insights organisation, Askable was born out of a need to find real, diverse participants for all kinds of research. Instead of persevering with subpar participant recruitment solutions, they build their own!

Askable handpicks the exact people companies need for research. We’re so happy they’ve handpicked Assisterhood to sponsor in 2023.

Discover more industry insights on their page below.


Creative Advertising Agency

We’re excited to welcome Innocean Australia, part of the Wellcom Group as a Champion Sponsor this year. 

Not only are they supporting us, we’re also lucky enough to have the inspiring Carolyn Cho (Client Partner) on board as one of our inaugural Assisterhood NSW mentors. 

Innocean Wellcom Group is a powerhouse creative agency with women in over half of their leadership team. When agencies this big walk the walk, it’s a great sign for the industry.

Innocean also know the importance of mentorship in this industry and inspiring some good in it – they even have their very own equality movement called Fck the Cupcakes, founded by the legendary Jasmin Bedir.

Check out the powerful work they do below. 

Our Partners

Publicis Worldwide

Creative Advertising Agency

Now for an organisation who’s been there from the start – literally. Assisterhood was born at Publicis in 2018 and we’re so happy to announce their continued support of the program as one of our Partners.

Not only are we lucky enough to have their powerhouse Managing Director, Simone and Chief Client Officer, Kate as QLD mentors, we’ve seen Publicis create campaigns that empower underrepresented people and ‘Lead the Change’.

Publicis provides strategic creative and digital ideas helping clients to Lead the Change and to succeed in their own digital transformation.

We’re grateful to Publicis for their support, and for making ideas that rock!

Our Community Partners

Women in Digital

Career Guidance Service

You might have seen the mighty Women in Digital mentioned before. And we’re thrilled they’re back supporting Assisterhood in 2023 as a Community Partner!

Women in Digital is passionate about harnessing the power of technology to solve problems and create a better future for all. Being driven by this purpose, they have become a cornerstone of the Australian tech community over the last 8 years with the key focus of improving gender diversity in the industry.

With all their experience running the Women in Digital Awards and their efforts championing women, we can’t wait to see what’s ahead. 

The Mavens

Gender Equality Publication

If you haven’t heard of The Mavens yet, get out from under that rock! The Mavens are the industry’s leading independent media platform championing women without judgement or shame. 

Mavens is paving the way for women regarding all things gender pay gaps, sexual harassment, gender bias and more. They even released a 62 page Diversity Report last year, endorsed by British ad legend and former BBH Chair, Cindy Gallop.

Assisterhood Founder, Linh, delivered a keynote presentation at the inaugural Mavens magazine launch late last year. Shout out to Leah and all of the Mavens team for the work they do. 

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