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The Mavens

Gender Equality Publication

If you haven’t heard of The Mavens yet, get out from under that rock! The Mavens are the industry’s leading independent media platform championing women without judgement or shame. 

Mavens is paving the way for women regarding all things gender pay gaps, sexual harassment, gender bias and more. They even released a 62 page Diversity Report endorsed by British ad legend and former BBH Chair, Cindy Gallop.

Mavens Founder Leah Morris joined Assisterhood in 2024 as Head of Editorial and Content, and Assisterhood Founder, Linh delivered a keynote presentation at the inaugural Mavens magazine launch.

Shout out to the Mavens team for the work they do. 

Women in Digital

Career Guidance Service

You might have seen the mighty Women in Digital mentioned before. And we’re thrilled they’re back supporting Assisterhood in 2024!

Women in Digital is passionate about harnessing the power of technology to solve problems and create a better future for all. Being driven by this purpose, they have become a cornerstone of the Australian tech community over the last nine years with the key focus of improving gender diversity in the industry.

With all their experience running the Women in Digital Awards and their efforts championing women, we can’t wait to see what’s ahead. 

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We’ve already connected 230+ people with mentoring, growth, opportunities, and a like-minded community – with more to come. In the last six years, over 150 people undertook the program with some amazing results: 62% got a promotion or new job, and 30% of people became people managers after the program.

But to keep our program free and continue improving representation in the industry, we rely on sponsors.

If this is something that aligns with your organisation’s values and you want to ensure diversity in leadership across Australia and Aotearoa, we’d love to hear from you.