How it works

On live Q&A

Will I be on camera? Will I need to dress up?
Although we’d love to see you all, only our mentors + moderators will be able to turn their cameras on. So feel free to dress up, but PJs are totally acceptable too!

How will I ask questions?
We’ll be asking all event attendees to post their questions via the chat function. We’ll pass these on to the mentors on your behalf!

Will there be a break?
We won’t be taking a scheduled break during the live stream. But do feel free to pop away for a moment to top up your coffee/tea/wine (no judgement).

How long will the event go for?
The live stream is scheduled to go for 2 hours. Or four episodes of Friends/Brooklyn 99/HIMYM (if you choose to count time by your favourite TV Show).

Will the live stream be recorded?
Absolutely. The recording will be available on the website at a later date. But we recommend tuning in to the live session so you can get all your questions answered!

Do I have to stay for the whole session?
Although your full attendance is not mandatory, we do recommend sticking around for the full sessions. You never know who you might find an unexpected connection with, or when a piece of golden advice may come out and surprise you! Plus, we would hate for you to miss out on your chance to ask our mentors a questions.

Applying for the Program

I love all the mentors, do I have to chose one?
We feel the same, all our mentors are AMAZING! We’ve introduced an option to select your #1 mentor preference, or leave it up to the Assisterhood match-makers to set you up!

When do applications close?
Mentee applications close on the 17th of April. There’s still plenty of time to finalise your application, but we recommend getting this one sent off ASAP (we know how life makes a habit of getting in the way!).

Do I have to have work experience to apply?
Not at all, work experience is not a requirement to be a part of Assisterhood!