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Haylie Craig

Haylie Craig (they/them)

Haylie Craig (they/them)

Creative Director at Colenso BBDO

Firstly, I have a babyface. Everyone says it’s a good thing. Until you get ID checked everywhere you go. I’m not just another creative. I’ve never fitted in a neat box. Why be the same? That’s boring. Even as a Creative Director I’m not your traditional type in any shape or form. I bring a unique perspective on how creativity can help solve complex societal issues and business problems. I work best where innovative and technology meet human focussed creative solutions. I enjoy understanding how things work; whether that be tangible, intangible, new tech, old tech, no tech, human behaviour and just everything really. I question things. And I don’t accept things as they are just because it's the way that’s always been done. I’ve won an array of awards from Cannes Lions, D&AD, Spikes etc

Career & Background

What inspired you to do what you are doing now?

The ability to have an impact on daily lives.

What was your journey and where are you headed in your career right now?

I’ve worked in traditional, PR, social media, integrated agencies and big global tech empires; like Google. So I have a well rounded experience on all aspects. But I love innovative digital and social ideas first, when they use these platforms with purpose not to tick a category box.

Your favourite food for thought


  • Ten Steps to Nanette – Hannah Gadsby
  • Design for Sustainability Survival guide – Conny Bakker, Ed Van Hinte, Yvo Zijlstra
  • Page Boy – Elliot Page

Podcasts / Thought Leaders

  • Science VS
  • The Shit Show

What drives and inspires you

What are your core values?

  • Diversity
  • Kindness
  • Making a difference

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Beth O’Brien. Epic creative, amazing human and it is inspiring to see someone be their true self. There still aren’t many leaders that are part of the rainbow community or neurodiverse so it had a real impact on me. And always give me their time when I need perspective.

You as a Mentor

Why have you decided to become a mentor?

You don’t really get to decide to be a mentor. One day someone else decides for you that you would be a good mentor and have the abilities, skills, respect, reliable and are going to do the right thing by the mentee. So someone at some point in the past decided it was time for me to mentor.

What are the top 5 skills or qualities you bring to mentoring?

  • Looking for potential
  • Non-judgemental
  • Nurturing

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