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Samantha Shah

Samantha Shah

Samantha Shah

CMO, Raging Bull Consulting

My very first corporate gig at 17 was a placement in the marketing team. #winning. They were the only team having fun it seemed - laughing and talking while they worked. But the campaign I worked on was set to encourage kids to adopt a sustainable approach to hot water usage and it lasted all summer. The opportunity to influence people's thoughts and to persuade them to change their behaviour had me hooked for life. And the rest is history.

Career & Background

What was your journey and where are you headed in your career right now?

For the past +20 yrs I’ve been helping awesome companies grow around the world. I specialise in technical industries untangling complex ideas into compelling communications. Since arriving in Oz, I’m best described as a passionate storytelling cmo who’s passionate about building powerful brands from the inside out and leading teams to deliver heavy-hitting results that impress even themselves.

Your favourite food for thought


  • The Confidence Code – Katty Kay + Claire Shipman.
  • Thinking in Bets – Annie Duke
  • The Happiness Advantage – Shawn Achor

Podcasts / Thought Leaders

  • A Slight Change of Plans -Maya Shankar
  • The Greg McKeown Podcast
  • How To
  • The Happiness Lab – Laurie Santos

What drives and inspires you

What are your core values?

  • Achievement
  • Authenticity
  • Courage
  • Trust
  • Empowering + inspiring others
  • Driving change + evolution

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

So many sources really. I’m inspired by people who use their platforms to amplify their voice to drive change such as: Oprah – spreading kindness, Katica Roy – the gender pay gap, Sophia Bush – a variety of social topics that matter on her podcast Work in Progress. I’m also inspired by psychology leaders like Shawn Achor on the science of happiness and Adam Grant on organisational awesomeness + human leadership.


You as a Mentor

Why have you decided to become a mentor?

Leading teams is my favourite part of my work as a CMO because I genuinely love helping tap into their greatness by finding their superstar skills and figuring out to deliver unparalleled value to their companies and organisations — so that when it’s time to spread their wings and fly… they’re better versions of themselves than when we first met.

What are the top 5 skills or qualities you bring to mentoring?

  • Confident
  • Direct
  • Knowledgeable
  • Looking for potential
  • Passionate
  • Supportive

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